— catering —

Planning a party or event and want to make it original? Why not have Simply Pizza cater your event! From block parties, birthday & graduation parties to corporate events & weddings we have the truck to compliment your party or gathering & a menu that makes everyone happy!

— pricing —

Pizza Only Service - We offer several price structures to suit your budget ranging from $10 per person to $14 per person depending on the pizza varieties desired (please note that some specialty varieties will have an additional surcharge).

Salad - Our standard salad choices are caesar or caprese. Either selection will add an additional $3-5 per person to your food cost.  If you would prefer other salad options, we can accommodate that and pricing will be based on current ingredient costs.

Appetizers - We offer warm and cold appetizers.  We like to discuss your menu desires so that your appetizers compliment your entree menu.  Pricing will vary, but generally range between $3.50-$8.50 per person.

Dessert - Finish your meal with decadent pizza for dessert.  For this, add an additional $6 per person to your food cost.

Simple cheese & crackers and fresh fruit appetizer trays

Simple cheese & crackers and fresh fruit appetizer trays


— additional charges and information —

In order to reserve a date for your event, we require a non-refundable booking fee ranging from $250 for off peak to $500 for peak times and days .  This fee does not apply to your food cost.  

Minimum food cost is $750, however, this cost may increase at peak times such as weekends, weekend evenings, mid-summer months, and mountain events.

Gratuity will be applied to the food cost in the amount of 20%

Mileage is charged at $2 per mile round trip in the metro area from Jordan Road and Arapahoe Road in Centennial.  Any destination less than 10 miles from this location will have no mileage charges applied. Mountain travel will be charged $3.50 per mile and my also be subject to additional charges for mountain passes and overnight stay to maintain safe travel of our truck and staff.

Your final bill will include food costs, local tax, travel and gratuity.

Wood Fired Pizza at Any Event

Wood Fired Pizza at Any Event